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Financial Aid: When and how will I receive my funds?

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Your first disbursement date is determined by the date your file was processed. It should be noted that awards are based off enrollment status, and may be changed to reflect current enrollment status. Any student who has been overpaid must return the funds. Please check out our disbursement schedule


Shasta College has partnered with a third party, BankMobile Disbursements (previously HigherOne) to deliver your financial aid refund. After Shasta College has received your FAFSA and you are registered for classes, you will be mailed a selection kit. This kit will come in the mail as a lime green envelope with an access code to activate your account with BankMobile. The options to receive financial aid are: 

  • Direct Deposit

  • BankMobile Card

If you would like more information, our Bank Mobile website is extremely helpful.